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We help our clients develop and sustain natural health through simple yet effective self care. Decisions to support your health can be confusing and complex. Our experience, resources, and ongoing research goes to work for you when you choose our services. Evidence based principles are used to arrive at the safest and most effective suggestions.

Putting your personalized plan into action, we work with your primary providers to stay on track. Health is more to us than simply absence of disease and symptoms; it's living and feeling your best. Initial consultations are always​  free!

You can feel comfortable that we will support your individual objectives and prioritize your goals.


Meet the Team

 We are a customer centric group that takes pride in a job well done.

Paul Leach

Founder & Health Coach

Paul has been in the Health & Wellness field as a coach, health store manager, product consultant and speaker for over 12 years

Alexa Peck

Licensed Massage Therapist

Alexa has a thriving massage therapy practice. She helps OHS clients with their massage therapy needs.

Jeffery Thomas

IT Support

Jeff is a business consultant and designs internet marketing programs for OHS business customers.

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