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1:1 Health Coaching

I provide 1:1 health coaching and consulting to individuals helping them develop a healthy lifestyle. This service is delivered in person, by telephone, AV web services like Skype and/or email.

Health Products Consulting

I advise retailers on the best products to offer and hold in store demonstrations and events to raise public awareness and drive sales of the most beneficial products for consumers.

Retailer Advertising & Marketing

We provide advertising and marketing programs including social media, blogs, website development, SEM and SEO for health & wellness retailers and service providers.

Let's Get Started

My passion is to help people better understand health & wellness along with sorting out the multitude of health supplements and products in the marketplace.

I provide one on one coaching, group seminars and workplace events to coach and give guidance & education about health & wellness.

Your coaching program starts with a free consultation to see where you are now and what your goals are. From there I will develop a personalized plan for you. We will meet regularly during your journey.

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Retailer Consulting

We help retailers with the best products and how to present them. We do in store demonstrations, workshops and seminars. We also help retailers with a marketing strategy to excel in the changing paradigm of advertising including social media, email, website, blog, SEO and SEM. In other words, we get the right people to your store buying the right products for them and leading to them recommending your store to others.

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